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  1. Algo, which is the currency of Algorand, is a new project, and its cryptocurrency ALGO is the native currency of Algorand.
  1. The Algorand project wanted to offer the benefits of mainstream cryptocurrencies, but with added speed and less computing power. It was currently priced at around 76 cents.
  1. The Algorand token, co-authored by Harvard professor Silvio Micali, launched in 2019. The token was designed to track the sale and purchase of land and be a platform for smart contracts.
  1. Algorand uses “pure-proof-of-stake” for the blockchain. This is different from proof of work, which uses computing power to create new blocks and confirm transactions.
  1. A pure-proof-stake blockchain allows transactions to happen faster than Bitcoin. Users are randomly selected to verify the blocks of a blockchain.
  1. Algorand, a coin based on the blockchain, has had a volatile price. It’s a bet that the ecosystem will develop. 
  1. Algo is a cryptocurrency with a total supply of 10 billion. Among other things, 30% will be used to reward users. Algorand aims to host smart contracts and to use its tokens to trade digital property and real world assets.
  1. ANote Music is using the Algorand blockchain to buy and sell music royalties, while Republic uses it to distribute dividends to investors.
  1. Algorand, an altcoin with lower transaction fees, is a potential competitor to Ethereum. However, the barrier to entry is much higher for Algorand.
  1. Algo’s transaction speed is faster than Litecoin and Bitcoin’s.
  1. The Algorand cryptocurrency is a non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency that is trying to be the foundation for a blockchain ecosystem.
  1. Although Algo is a relatively new cryptocurrency, it has many advantages, including the ability to build apps and financial products on top of it.

How to Buy ALGO Cryptocurrency

1. Set up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, coinbase.

2. To buy Algo, you need a cryptocurrency exchange account, a hot wallet or a cold wallet, and sufficient dollars to buy enough Algo.


Currently ranked at 16 by https://coinmarketcap.com/, Algo has great potential and we would rate it a C+ at the moment.

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