Nigerian crypto-artist Osinachi’s NFT series Different Shades of Water will be sold by Christie’s in a special online auction from October 5-19.

Osinachi’s work explores how individuals and collectives can engage in visible existence as a form of protest.

The photographer plays with the subject’s body to explore the relationship between the human body and water.

  1. Osinachi says each digital painting is a challenge that helps him to become a better artist.
  1. Osinachi: I feel super-honoured to be the first African artist in the NFT space to sell an NFT piece in a public auction through Christie’s.
  1. I don’t think traditional art institutions are threatened by the intersection of art and technology.
  1. If traditional art institutions are honest, they know that African artists are going to dominate the next art market.
  1. David Hockney made a series of swimming pool paintings, and the reason for this series is because he loved to paint water.
  1. The series Different Shades of Water was inspired by my obsession with staring at Hockney’s swimming pools.
  1. I learned how to draw with Microsoft Word before finishing university.
  1. My process involves taking a photo and creating a vision, then adding colour to the image, and exporting it as a PDF.
  1. Microsoft Word is central to my artistic practice, as it allows me to push boundaries, surprise myself, and create a wave of satisfaction in my body.



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