There isn’t a consolidated marketplace for investors to gain exposure to diverse assets native to the African market as well as other non-African stocks. 

Africa is seeing the rise of great blockchain innovations. Also, in terms of interest, different sectors within Africa are beginning to explore blockchain technology to solve several problems peculiar to the African business geography. One particular area is the displacement of costly mediation channels, most notably remittance.

According to recent reports, Africa ranks as one of the most promising regions when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ownership rates are up by 13% and 7%, respectively. Compare these figures to the world average of 7%, and you’ll see that the continent is very receptive when it comes to cryptocurrency.

With very interesting indigenous cryptocurrency projects like Yellow Card, Akoincity, Bitsika, and several others, all gaining footing, the continent is seeing new blockchain solutions attempting a hit on exciting African business problems.

This article takes a zoom into a crucial area of challenge, which is the African financial market, and the company, speaking of XTEMCoin, which is providing a market-wide solution for some of the problems like mediation illiquidity and accessibility for local and foreign investors and traders.



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