It absolutely was bundled along with the Unique Release out-of Regularity twenty-six of the Manga

Lucy minds in order to Fairy Mountains to obtain the person that printed a mysterious jobs request. Abreast of looking for their particular, she reluctantly facilitate an old lady discover something. Appearing the fresh new dorm all through the afternoon, Lucy sooner finds out exactly what she wanted following she learns a startling knowledge.


  • step one Realization
  • 2 Letters in check regarding Looks
  • 3 Matches & Events
  • cuatro Magic, Means, and you can Show utilized
  • cuatro.step one Secret used
  • cuatro.dos Means used
  • cuatro.3 Abilities made use of
  • 4.cuatro Activities used

Summary [ ]

Lucy discovers a mystical demand into the guild’s demand panel when you are looking services. This new request says: Feminine Individuals only. Research & Find what I am shopping for. Zero reward getting givene so you can Fairy Mountains. Mirajane requires Lucy to investigate the brand new strange request. Lucy believes and you can arrives at Fairy Slopes, Fairy Tail’s Ladies Dorm. Meanwhile, the guys was tidy up and you may restoring the latest guild.

During the Fairy Hills, a vintage lady suddenly seems and leaps within their to help you search their own system to verify that the woman is a lady. She introduces herself since Hilda hence she’s the customer of your own job, and matron of the dormitory. Lucy informs their own you to she’s got no goal of wanting the thing, she must have ordered their girls to do it. Hilda, yet not, tells their one just low-residents will perform the job. Lucy, out of interest, allows work and you can Hilda instantaneously tells her to alter into a sexy pet gown and you will meow after each sentence. Lucy really wants to go homeward, but Hilda tells their one to the ok in order to prevent being a Mage. On her satisfaction while the good Mage, Lucy chooses to remain on work.

Hilda informs Lucy to track down a sparkling appreciate into the dorm also to perhaps not let some of the almost every other girls find it otherwise find out more about Lucy’s search. Lucy wants a description of your appreciate whenever Wendy Marvell and you can Carla, who happen to be simply moving into the dormitory, all of a sudden appear that have Pleased, proclaiming that he is helping Carla to go in. All of a sudden, Erza looks out of a windows and sees the group. Lucy next sees you to Hilda all of a sudden vanishes. She attracts Lucy in the future in and possess Prepared to head Wendy and you will Carla on the space.

Erza begins to show Lucy around the home whenever you are, immediately following indicating him or her their rooms including hers, Happier actually starts to concert tour Wendy and Carla around the house as well. Erza takes Lucy to see one other girls staying in the dormitory and have allows their particular come across their particular space. After, Erza tells Lucy one to she and most other girls is supposed for the lake to have Wendy and Carla’s Appealing People and you may attracts their particular to become listed on her or him. Lucy refuses stating that she didn’t offer their own swimsuit and you can you to definitely she desires check around offered. Back during the guild, the inventors want to prevent cleanup and commence to relax for sometime.

At the same time, Lucy is thinking about the demand when Hilda arrives at the rear of her and you can inquires about it. Lucy requires their particular in which she lost they and you will Hilda thinks about the area since one thing ebony. Lucy following thoughts outside and you may summons Virgo, informing their particular to locate every black spot in the lay. Someplace else, the fresh new girls try relaxing in the sun, swimming, playing volleyball and you will these are the inventors from the guild whom try about her or him.

Back once again to Fairy Hills, Lucy notices Virgo digging around the house yet still fails to discover the benefits. Lucy goes back in order to Hilda, convinced that the newest appreciate is within the attic. Hilda agrees however, didn’t match Lucy due to the fact their back restricts it. At the same time, after watching a peeping gap on the pond, the people arrive at an underground space where good periscope try connected to the threshold and linked to the opening. Men and women, but Gajeel Redfox and you will Gray Fullbuster, actually starts to just take turns making use of the periscope.

Upwards about loft, Lucy believes she finds the fresh new value whenever she notices a shiny white. Nevertheless when Lucy comes nearer, it is just a gap in the toilet in which every brand new girls are currently bathrooms. Meanwhile, the guys find Makarov swimming on pond and start in order to worry when he seems to lose their swimming trunks, ultimately causing an explosion that destroys the pond. Lucy appears up-and notices an outline of your own dormitory in which the new light factors at. They prospects her to a tree that’s wrapped in tincture, a dark colored place. Lucy finds out a little breasts and need Hilda. Erza arrives that is surprised to listen regarding the Hilda and tells Lucy one to she passed away half dozen years back. Erza places the newest tits you to Lucy is carrying as well as the a couple open it, finding it laden with gems.

Erza begins moving and recounts so you’re able to Lucy on a story whenever these were more youthful. Grandmother Hilda is actually always irritating these to prevent are a beneficial Mage, however, she performed care for him or her. One day, she brought house specific model gems which had been become split up into the youngsters; although not, it was not sufficient, and Erza, even though attempting to get one, said that she’d citation since it does not fit their. One to night, Grandmother Hilda decided to go to Erza in her space and you may, that have a grin on her deal with, told her you to definitely she would offer their genuine gems when she was raised, as a pet little princess would arrive and you will provide the gems. not, she passed away 24 hours later after their carriage decrease from an effective cliff.

Erza ong the fresh new dormitory girls together with Lucy, as she is actually the newest cat little princess that introduced their own this new treasures. Lucy grins and you may sees fortsett dette nettstedet your demand is actually disappearing, and you will thinks it absolutely was delivered away from eden. Following Lucy’s cat fit, instantly, as well as vanishes. Erza knows that Hilda might have been seeing over her or him despite the brand new accident. Erza upcoming sees Lucy nude and you can says to her to wear certain clothing. Following the end credit, there’s other strange employment demand. Hilda up coming looks, wishes Lucy good luck and you may Lucy yells on their to pass aside currently.


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