A local fintech company E4 has launched a Girls in Stem programme targeting girls in underpriviledged communities with the right support in pursuing careers in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

E4 was launched last month in collaboration with Melisizwe Computer Lab Project. Girls in Stem works as an after-school programme to motivate girls to develop interest and adopt Stem subjects in Grade 10. This programme introduces female learners to Stem concepts in Grade 9. The idea is to reverse the trend of dropping maths and science which are often associated to be for girls.

E4 also works to uplift marginalized communities among South Africa’s youth. The Girls in Stem programme also looks to recruit girls from different schools in Gauteng that Melisizwe Computer Lab Project has worked with. Girls are selected based on attitude and aptitude and receive training in math, science,  end-user computing, engineering, software development, and robotics.



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