University of Cape Town (UCT) PhD candidate Julian Kanjere and his team have won the inaugural Inqola FEED Innovation Prize for their FoodPrint platform. This is an agritech start‑up that’s building a digital and blockchain‑enabled food traceability platform for producers, consumers and others involved in food supply chains.

The prize was created by Food, Equity, Equality and Democracy (FEED) in partnership with Simanye Trust, Southern African Food Lab, iZindaba Zokudla, Seriti Institute, the University of Johannesburg’s Process, Energy and Environmental Technology Station, and Food for Mzansi. All have expertise in agri‑entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, innovation and social impact.

Kanjere, who is doing his doctorate through the UCT School of Economics, is chuffed with the recognition.

“It is humbling to be named as a winner in a global competition. To be awarded first prize in a competition judged by such an experienced and diverse panel gives us the reassurance that we are working on a relevant problem – and headed in the right direction.”



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